Wisconsin Forensic Coaches’ Association
The team competes in weekly tournaments through the WFCA. We also compete at the WFCA State Tournament each year and observe WFCA rules and tournament practices for the tournament we host in March of each year.

National Speach & Debate Association
The NSDA (formerly the National Forensics League) is a national organization that promotes middle and high school speech and debate. North High is a member of the Northern Wisconsin chapter of the NSDA, which is chaired by South High’s coach, Ben Kroll. Before Sheboygan Central High School was split into North and South, Central was a founding member of what was then the NFL, and we have consistently competed at the NSDA National Tournament in the decades since. The NSDA maintains the NFL Honor Society, in which all forensics team members become participants and earn points toward advancing degrees of honor.

National Catholic Forensics League
The CFL is also a national organization that holds a national tournament each year. North High has a long history of competing at the CFL Grand National Tournament, and coach Kirt Graves was recently installed as Co-Chair of the Green Bay CFL Diocese. (While the CFL started as an organization for Catholic schools and honors its heritage, membership is open to all schools and the organization remains catholic in its universality, but does not adhere to Catholic teaching.)

Kirt’s LibraryThing Catalogue
You can view the books and scripts in Kirt’s home library here. If you would like to borrow a book or script for review, make your request via email.


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