Saturday Practice

The North High Forensics team will have practice from 12:00-4:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 16 at the Mead Public Library in The Loft on the third floor. Coaches will be available for help with blocking, writing, or finding/cutting a piece.

Alumni who would like to offer assistance are welcome to join us!



2015 New Members Day


The NHS Forensics team is kicking off the season by welcoming any and all students who are curious about joining our team after school on November 30 in Room 256. Meet our returning team members & coaches and find out about all the ways you can express yourself in forensics.

Forensics is competitive speaking, acting, and interpretation of literature. If you’re great at any of those things, join our team! If you’re rotten at any of those things, join our team! This is an activity that is not only fun and social and gives you trophies and chances to travel, but it also prepares you to speak eloquently in front of people for the rest of your life!

There’s no “right type of person” to be involved in forensics. It’s a club in which anyone can learn and grow and thrive. But if you’re a creative person who enjoys writing or having lively discussion with your friends, then you’d probably be a great fit for forensics. If you’re interested in current events and politics, you’d probably be a great fit for forensics. If you like to sing or dance or express yourself on stage in any way, you’d probably be a great fit for forensics!

Email coaches Kirt Graves ( or Dan Burkey ( if you have any questions before November 30.

Can’t join us on November 30 but still want to join forensics? We will meet every Monday in Room 256, so drop in any week.