2016 Winter Session

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our last forensics meeting of 2016! Where has the time gone?! Please make sure to attend tomorrow’s meeting (3:20-3:45 in Room 257) so we can touch base once more before winter break. (We’re starting early to accommodate auditions for the play. If you absolutely can’t make it tomorrow, there will be a make-up meeting on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.)
Feeling like you need to do some catching up? There are still plenty of practice times open this week. Sign up now.
WINTER SESSION: You’ll notice I’ve added some practice times over winter break to my schedule. These practices will take place in The Loft of the Mead Public Library on Tuesday, December 27 and Wednesday, December 28. Sign up to work with me if you want my undivided attention. (If you think you need more than one half hour, sign up for more!) However, The Loft is a large space, and I strongly encourage you to just come and get work done, whether you’re directly interacting with me or not. We have the room from 9:00 to 5:00 on both days. Make plans to work on your speech or work with your group.
After practice on Wednesday, I’m out of town for the remainder of winter break. I am, however, available to work on piece cutting and speeches while out of town, so long as we’re working on a Google Doc.
One way or another, I beg you: Do not waste this final week of school OR the time you have over break to made strides in preparing your forensics piece. The first tournament is only weeks away!
Finally, we will meet on your first day back from break, January 2, at 3:20 p.m. (Let’s get used to meeting early while the play is going on.)

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