Marquette Results


Because of an orchestra trip this weekend, our already small team has gotten smaller! I had the pleasure of driving a school van to Marquette University High School, which was hosting its first tournament in many years.

After stopping for coffee and doughnuts (the joy of vans vs. a bus!), we made great time to a beautiful school. After a late start to round one, the tournament ran a little behind for the rest of the day. Seeing as this is Marquette’s first tournament in such a long time, being just a little behind is a huge accomplishment, so congratulations to the tournament director and tab staff!

It’s a joy to be able to really talk to each member of the team attending today. I find it difficult to keep track of a dozen or more kids on a regular basis during most tournaments. I also had the opportunity to judge today, which affirmed my love of forensics. Being stuck in a tab room, one forgets how much fun it is to see such a variety of performances and how challenging it can be to offer a worthwhile critique. In my mind, judging is the best coach-training you can do.

Of our five entries, three moved on to final rounds. Katie Folan took 2nd place in Four-Minute speaking, Liz Gartman placed 1st in Solo Serious acting, and Skye Matula (breaking into final rounds for the first time in her forensics career!) took 3rd place in Special Occasion speaking. The team took first place as a small team with an average of 11.4!


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