Appleton East Results


Today was another standout day for NHS Forensics, if not in the way we would hope. Our day started as it usually does, with an early morning bus ride. It quickly took a turn for the strange when our bus found itself stuck in a ditch after attempting a three point turn.

Everyone is OK!
Our friends from South and IDEAS helped us keep the atmosphere light, and we ended up with a lot of laughs and a great story to share with fellow competitors and coaches. (Also the pictures at the end of the post.)

The team did well, considering the level of competition present at this tournament. Our team average was still above a 9 and we had several stand out performances. Our Group Interp femi-nazis were finalists, and Liz Gartman took second place in Solo Serious.

And now: Pictures of a bus in a ditch.

Next week: Marquette


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