Meeting Recap 12.10.13

We were happy to introduce the team’s assistant coach, Zach Lulloff. Zach’s focus is acting & interp, especially Storytelling. Please contact him for practice times.

We also had the opportunity to witness the difference between appropriate tournament attire and inappropriate tournament attire. Here’s a run down of some of the do’s and don’t’s:

Dress up. Your look should be professional and pulled together. No jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tennis shoes, pajama pants or cargo pants. Suits are encouraged. Slacks and a button-up, long sleeve shirt for boys is also appropriate. As are skirts with blazers, slacks with modest blouses and/or sweaters for girls. (If you can, invest in the suit. You’ll get your money’s worth out of it. I promise.)
Wear comfortable shoes. You stand and walk a lot at tournaments. Don’t develop a limp by third round because you haven’t broken your shoes in yet.
Coordinate outfits if you’re in a group category. You’re not allowed to be in costume, but wearing similar colors as your partner or group is not costuming.
Wear muted colors. Make sure your outfit doesn’t distract from the performance. Bright colors may stand out, but no one is judging your style.
Wear a tie. Boys have no excuse for not wearing a tie. I have a ton of ties, and you may borrow one if you don’t have one that matches.

Wear busy patterns. Again, don’t distract from the performance.
Wear large or glittery jewelry. If it jingles, jangles or shines, leave it at home.
Wear tight or revealing clothing. Keep it classy…knee length skirts, no cleavage, and clothes that don’t allow the audience to know what kind of underwear you’re wearing. Ladies may wear sleeveless tops ONLY if they are wearing a jacket or sweater for performance. (There is no situation in which gentlemen may wear a sleeveless shirt.) AND LEGGINGS ARE MEANT TO BE WORN UNDER ANOTHER PIECE OF CLOTHING. THEY ARE NOT PANTS!
Forget to shower. Being clean is 90% of the battle. Make sure to leave enough time in the morning (or do it the night before) to shower and tame your mane.

You may wear comfortable clothes for the bus ride. There will be time at tournaments to change and finish applying make-up or fixing hair. I do reserve the right to pull you from competition if I see you wearing something that I deem inappropriate. So if you’re not sure if a potential outfit is OK, ask me in advance!

Fines for missing tournaments

The team was introduced the NHS  Forensics web site. One of the functions of the web site is to sign up for tournaments. If you sign up for a tournament, but can not attend, you must give 48 hours notice. Without that notice, you will be charged a $10.00 fee for every individual entry and $20.00 fee for every group entry. I can no longer forgive absences due to illness. We need every dime to allow our growing team to compete. And paying tournament fees is only the beginning. In addition to paying entry fees at a tournament, the team also pays judges, which are determined by the number of entries we have. One student can mean the difference between bringing six judges or seven judges. We also pay for the bus, which is only necessary if we’re bringing enough students to warrant having a bus over a much cheaper van. (With 46 students currently on our roster, I’ve booked a bus for every tournament this year.)

Of course, my preference is that you sign up for tournaments and then attend them. So let’s just do that.

Finally, team officers were announced. Congratulations to this year’s leaders!



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